Solids Matter — Summer 2023

We're kicking off summer with a new edition of Solids Matter. Learn more from our CEO Lowy Gunnewiek on the different conversations we are having with customers around the world on topics related to thermal and bulk materials engineering. Also, learn more about what we've been up to over the last several months.   

Summer 2023


Solids Matter — Winter 2023

We're back with our first issue of Solids Matter for 2023 where we dive into how we are leveraging our thermal and bulk materials engineering expertise to help build a better, fairer and more sustainable world. Learn more about the many initiatives underway designed to help our customers make positive changes in the world around us.

Winter 2023



Solids Matter — Fall 2022

Welcome to the fall 2022 edition of Solids Matter. Learn more about what Solex was up to over the summer, notably our work within the energy transition, an expanded scope into the marine industry in collaboration with Corrosion, a new engineering and design studies service offering and more.

Fall 2022


Solids Matter — Summer 2022

It's the summer issue of Solids Matter, and in it we invite you to "rediscover our why." Also, learn more about what's new in thermal and bulk materials engineering, which includes two new announcements from Solex, a feature article on how moving bed heat exchangers are playing a role in helping producers increase efficiencies during lithium extraction, two new episodes of The Exchange and more.

Summer 2022


Solids Matter — Spring 2022

A new issue of Solids Matter brings plenty to talk about — from newly published articles to fresh episodes of The Exchange. And we're fortunate to be able to share another new case study, this time about how Solex provided a U.S. salt producer with an indirect cooling solution that helped increase production by 50 per cent.

Spring 2022


Solids Matter — Winter 2022

We're kicking off 2022 with a bang! Our latest issue provides details on how our passion for listening to customers is driving growth into new areas of business. Also, learn more about how Solex is at the forefront of advances in fertilizer/potash cooling. And read a new case study on how we worked with Cristal Union to modernize operations at its sugar beet plant in Bazancourt, France.

Winter 2022



Solids Matter — Fall 2021

The big news from us is the official launch of our discharge feeders as standalone equipment, with Solex being featured in several magazines. But that's not all! Learn more about our continued commitment to ESG principles, watch two new episodes of The Exchange and learn more about how plate technology is creatively being used as an anti-fouling solution in the marine industry.

Fall 2021


Solids Matter — Summer 2021

The first half of 2021 has been both interesting and challenging. With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly being wrestled to the ground, we are all looking forward to what lies ahead. Before we do so, learn more about what we've been up to, which includes three new episodes of The Exchange, two new case studies and Solex being featured in several different magazines and industry events.

Summer 2021


Solids Matter — Spring 2021

Adjust. Act. Innovate. That's been the theme at Solex to start 2021 as we've pivoted to interact with our customers in new ways. Learn more about how we've remained active around the (virtual) world. Also learn more from Solex Energy Science as it explores topics such as high-temperature heat exchangers, bulk solids as a heat transfer medium and the integration with ORC technology.

Spring 2021


Solids Matter — Winter 2021

To kick off the new year, we share our company's recent ESG messaging, as well as news of our company's entry into the lithium ion battery market. Other highlights include new partnerships that have brought Solex into the Australian SOP market as well as the African soybean and German polymer sectors.

Winter 2021



Solids Matter — Fall 2020

Learn more about the recent launch of Solex Energy Science, as well as highlights from our newly unveiled online video series titled The Exchange, our recent collaboration with the Columbia sugar industry, Solex in the news and more. 

Fall 2020


Solids Matter  Summer 2020

Introducing Solex's newly branded newsletter, “Solids Matter.” Our inaugural issue includes details of Solex and Mosman Stainless Steel's next steps as an integrated organization, as well as updates on the impact of COVID-19, our new leadership team, Solex in the news and more.

Summer 2020

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