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New regional and product leads to address evolving global needs

CALGARY, Alberta – Trusted to innovate. Proven to deliver. These core statements have fueled Solex Thermal Science for more than two decades as we’ve tirelessly sought to find better, more efficient solutions to the heating, cooling and drying of free-flowing bulk solids. 

As Solex looks to the future, we will always seek new and innovative ways to provide high-value fit-for-purpose solutions for our customers, for today and tomorrowTo that end, ware excited to introduce our re-organized sales team that reflects evolving markets and applications for our indirect plate heat exchange technology in the following regions: 

  • Americas 

  • Asia Pacific 

  • Russia & FSU 

  • Africa 

  • The Middle East 

In addition, we are further establishing our global presence in core bulk solids markets with dedicated product leads in these respective areas: 

  • Oilseeds 

  • Sugars & Sweeteners 

For you, today's announcement meandirect access to subject matter experts with deep experience and knowledge in your respective regions and product lines. Solex can help you better explore the boundaries of what’s possible in ways few could have predicted. 

Championing Solex’s efforts in their respective areas will be: 

Scott Harris, Regional Director, Americas 

Scott is a career-long technical sales specialist for electro-mechanical industrial equipment with extensive experience providing engineered solutions for heat exchangers and energy systems. Scott has led effective sales and engineering teams to serve customers in a wide range of industrial applications on multiple continents and the U.S.  At Solex, Scott is responsible for working directly with clients and agents in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, as well as both Central and South America. “I have a genuine interest in helping customers build reliable engineered systems that are commercially successful. 

Email Scott to learn more.

Jill Caskey, Sales Representative 

Jill joined Solex in 2011, with the past eight years focused as a technical inside sales representative responsible for lead qualification and technical equipment design (thermally and mechanically). Jill offers broad experience with many markets and application guidelines, including in-depth experience with fertilizer applications and equipment design. “With every inquiry, we make sure our solutions are tailored to meet customers’ expectations. That starts with taking the time to fully understand what the customer is trying to do or what problem they are trying to solve.” Jill will be supporting Scott and our product line leaders in the Americas. 

Email Jill to learn more. 

Albert Bedell, Regional Director, Asia Pacific 

Albert joined Solex in 2011 and has worked in variety of roles including R&D, materials testing, applications engineering, technical service and project management prior to moving into his current role as Regional Director for the Asia Pacific region. Albert provides support to customers both directly and through Solex’s extensive agency network in the Asia Pacific region. He also works closely with our partner, Chemequip Industries, within the People’s Republic of China. “My goal, and that of Solex, is to help customers solve problems. To accomplish this goal, we have built a great team of partners and agents throughout the Asia Pacific region who are focused on understanding customers’ needs and working together to provide the best possible solutions to issues involving bulk solids heating, cooling, and drying.” 

Email Albert to learn more. 

Jean-Marc ReichlingGlobal Sales Director 

Jean-Marc has been part of the Solex family for nearly two decades, working in variety of on-the-ground application roles in industries such as biosolids, fertiilzer, sugar and oil and gas. Since 2001, he has helped to establish Solex as a global leader in heat transfer solutions for sugar beet, cane and refining applications. “Solex is committed to providing efficient solutions to cooling sugar before storage or packaging that maintains product quality. Whether our customers are looking to increase efficiencies or capacity, or building new plants, we consider ourselves partners in developing complete solutions for sugar and sweetener applications anywhere in the world.”

In addition, Jean-Marc is also leading Solex’s work in Africa. “Africa is growing fast, and we see tremendous opportunity for our technology there. Our robust, low-maintenance, energy-efficient solutions will enable our customers in Africa to effectively address their market needs.” 

Email Jean-Marc to learn more. 

Stan Pala, Global Sales Director 

For nearly a decade, Stan has played an integral role in championing Solex’s efforts within the world’s oilseeds market. Initially focused on canola applications in Canada, he moved to Europe in 2016 where he led the company’s expansion into applications such as rapeseed and sunflower. As global director of oilseeds, Stan is now focused on applying indirect plate heat transfer technology to new regions, as well as developing more robust conditioning, cooling and heat-recovery solutions throughout the oilseeds processing steps. “Solex has established a strong reputation in the oilseeds market, and our customers are recognizing the value of our technology, allowing us to support them in a variety of different applications and processing steps. I’m excited to work with our customers to apply our proven technology to new challenges.”

Email Stan to learn more. 


In addition to the above announcements and last month's update on Solex's leadership teamPedro Moran, Global Director of Food Products, will be taking on the role of leading Solex’s work in the Middle East. Pedro is familiar with the region, spending nearly five years working in a number of different capacities. “I’m looking forward to working with our customers in this growing and dynamic market.” 

This entry was last updated on 2024-3-1

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