Unique anti-fouling solution hits the open water

CALGARY, Alberta – A unique cross-discipline partnership between Mosman Stainless Steel, Philips and Corrosion has spawned an innovative anti-fouling solution for the global marine industry.

Based on a compact pillow-plate design developed by Mosman, UV-C light technology by Corrosion and anti-fouling IP by Phillips, the tailor-made box coolers offer a non-chemical alternative method to addressing bio-fouling from marine organisms, even when the ship is laid up.

Situated in the ship's sea cooler, the technology relies on the disinfecting power of a ultraviolet radiation, or UV-C, that passes through heat exchangers featuring a series of parallel stainless-steel pillow plates. The plates themselves are placed at certain distances to allow for UV-C light to reach a longer radiation range.

The UV-C coolers are intended for ships measuring up to 120 meters that rely on running engines to prevent marine growth on the tubing that releases engine heat to the surrounding water. Over time, marine organisms tend to grow on the cooler, which has traditionally led to dry-dock maintenance  or, left untreated, decreased efficiency as well as operational and safety issues.

For more information, visit Mosman.nl.

About Mosman

Based in Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, Mosman has a rich history in stainless-steel design that dates back more than 140 years. In 2019, Mosman joined forces with Solex Thermal Science, a pioneer in bulk solids thermal exchange, following a joint investment by the private equity firm Anders Invest B.V.

This entry was last updated on 2024-3-1

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