Solex commits to UN Global Compact 

New report illustrates progress on sustainability development goals 

CALGARY, Alberta – Solex Thermal Science Inc. (“Solex”) is pleased to announce it is further pledging to follow best practices around environmental, social and governance (ESG) with its first-ever Communication on Progress (COP) report to the UN Global Compact (UNGC). 

The report highlights Solex’s voluntary commitment as a participant within the UNGC, which is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative with more than 17,000 companies participating from across 177 countries. 

Solex’s participation includes a commitment to align its operations and strategy with the 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and to take action to support the broader UNGC goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

“Solex has always been committed to making a positive change through the application of our technology and services. Our participation within the UN Global Compact strengthens that commitment as we remain accountable to our employees, our customers and stakeholders as well as the communities we live and work in,” said Lowy Gunnewiek, Chief Executive Officer of Solex. 

Within the 11-page report, Solex details how it has responded to key SDGs such as: 

  • Gender equality 
  • Affordable and clean energy 
  • Industry innovation and infrastructure 
  • Reduced inequalities 
  • Responsible consumption and production 
  • Climate action 

Solex is also pleased to announce the formation of an internal ESG committee whose responsibility will be to represent the company with the UNGC, as well as further the company’s measurement on goals and seek opportunities for further social and environmental impact. 

“At Solex, we still aspire to be the change. We want to lead meaningful, sustainable and positive transformation both within our company and the industries that we operate within,” said Gunnewiek. 

Read Solex’s full Commitment on Progress by visiting the UN Global Compact. 

For more information about Our Commitment, visit 


Solex Thermal Science is the global market leader and developer of high-efficiency, indirect heat exchange technology for the heating, cooling drying and energy recovery of/from solids, liquids and gases.    

Over the past 30 years, our company has installed more than 1,300 advanced heat exchangers in more than 50 countries worldwide with applications such as fertilizer, oilseeds and industrial materials such as minerals/sands, chemicals and polymers.    

In recent years, our company has expanded into the energy-transition sector with key collaborations globally on decarbonization applications such as industrial waste heat recovery, concentrated solar power (CSP) and carbon capture. 


Jamie Zachary, Marketing & Communications Manager

This entry was last updated on 2023-11-10

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