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CALGARY, Alberta – At Solex Thermal Science, we are driven by innovation. Our pioneering efforts in the science of heating, cooling and drying of free-flowing bulk solids over the past two decades has garnered global recognition – and we’re just getting started! 

Building on our roots in science and engineering, we have recently reorganized our sales leadership team to better reflect the evolving market and applications of indirect plate heat exchange technology in these respective areas:  

  • Fertilizer 

  • Food Products 

  • Industrial Applications 

What does this mean for you? Expect to receive unparalleled support from our specialists who know your business. By more strategically leveraging our experience, knowledge and capabilities, we can work to find better, more efficient solutions to your challenges, both known and new. We have proven we can be effective in finding innovative solutions, and we are there to help you. 

Championing Solex’s efforts in their respective areas will be: 

Igor Makarenko, Global Director, Fertilizer 

Igor joined Solex in 2010, with the past eight years spent solidifying our brand as a globally recognized technology provider for fertilizer cooling. Igor has extensive end-to-end experience developing turnkey cooling solutions in various applications ranging from urea granules to potash.

“I know and understand the challenges today’s fertilizer manufacturers face, and how our technology can have a meaningful impact on debottlenecking operations, reducing operating costs and guaranteeing a quality product.” 

Email Igor to learn more. 

Pedro Moran, Global Director, Food Products 

Pedro joined Solex in 2008 as a sales engineer based in the UK where he spent three years working on projects worldwide. He then established Solex’s operations in Brazil before becoming Vice President of Sales, Europe in 2015. As Global Director, Food Products, Pedro now oversees Solex's involvement in sectors such as oilseeds, sugar, coffee, cocoa and others. He offers broad experience in international sales and business development, and has been instrumental in the implementation of indirect heat exchange technology in different applications worldwide.

“Solex wants to help our customers by providing the most robust and energy-efficient solutions for the cooling, heating and drying of food products for a better sustainable future.” 

Email Pedro to learn more. 

Gerald Marintsch, Global Director, Industrials 

Gerald joined Solex in 2014 with a broad and comprehensive background in process engineering. Working with a team of experts at Solex, he now leads the company’s efforts in creating tailored and process integrated solutions within industrial applications such as chemicals, metals and minerals and sands.

“These solutions for our clients will bring their production to the next level in efficiency and availability. Understanding the costumer process, developing the best integrated solution and bringing the customers process to a level where it exceeds expectations – this is driving my motivation.” 

Email Gerald to learn more. 


Jamie Zachary, Marketing & Communications Manager


This entry was last updated on 2023-8-25

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