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Sowing the seeds of innovation

In the July/August issue of Oil & Fats International Magazine, Stan Pala of Solex Thermal Science discusses how innovations in vertical plate conditioning technology are providing oilseeds processors with a much-needed latchkey solution to reducing energy costs with improved productivity.

Stick the landing with the proper ‘pilot’

When navigating the known or unknown with bulk solids thermal exchange, certainty is a commodity that is worth its weight in gold. Pilot testing not only provides this certainty by ensuring productivity and performance objectives can be met, but also demonstrates a solution that people can “touch."

VIDEO: Introducing The Exchange — Let's talk about fertilizer!

Solex Thermal Science is excited to announce the launch of The Exchange, a new online series of videos that touch on major themes impacting the bulk solids industry. For the debut episode, Lowy Gunnewiek, CEO, Solex Thermal Science, sits down with Mark Brouwer, Owner Director,

Who yellowed my sugar?

Over the years, numerous studies have looked at the many reasons why sugar changes colour during storage. A recent study, however, has revealed that the temperature at which sugar is packaged is one of the leading and most underestimated influences on a sugar’s final colour 

H2 Oh No!

Water quality and scarcity have become a global concern — to the point that the UN has declared water scarcity as one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. In the May/June 2020 issue of World Fertilizer Magazine, Igor Makarenko, Global Director, Fertilizer for Solex Thermal Science, discusses how closed-loop systems are giving fertilizer producers access to an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water.

The sweet science behind sugar cooling

As the sugar industry seeks more efficient ways to get their product from farm to table, increased attention is being paid to moisture control – and, by extension, the optimization of drying and cooling stages in refining plants. We take a closer look at how indirect heat transfer is contributing to a better quality finished product.

WEBINAR: Vertical Plate Conditioning for Seed Processors

Solex Thermal Science was recently invited by the American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS) to presents at its popular Webinar Wednesday series on the topic of "Vertical Plate Conditioners: How Indirect Heat Transfer Technology is Changing the Game for Seed Processors."

5 things you didn't know about Solex

Solex Thermal Science continues to grow globally — and with that, we're being exposed to a number of different, exciting opportunities and cutting-edge applications. Here are five things you may not know about how our technology can be customized for more energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions across applications.

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