Reflecting on Mining Indonesia 2023

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Discussing heating, cooling and waste heat recovery in the mining industry

Solex Thermal Science recently participated at Mining Indonesia 2023Southeast Asia's largest industrial gathering in the energy and engineering sectors.

at the Jakarta International Expo, the four-day showcase attracted industry leaders and key players from across the global mining industry. This year's theme was Towards Industrial Sustainability, and included showcases as well as technical presentations of the many innovations taking place across the mining sector.

Warren Chung, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, and Pedro Moran, Global Director, Industrials, represented Solex alongside representatives from the Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia Group (DJK), which is Solex's official agent in the county. Together, they showcased how Solex's heat exchange technology is helping operators solve the unique challenges associated with heating and cooling a variety of minerals.

Much of the feedback Solex received from delegates over the four days centred around companies' varying needs to reduce their respective energy costs and impacts on the environment. Solex's recent acquisition of UK-based Econotherm provided opportunities to discuss how heat pipe heat exchangers are opening new doors to waste heat recovery opportunities — specifically, from dirty particulate-heavy gas streams common within the mining industry.

For more information on the conference, please visit the official website.

 Representatives from Solex Thermal Science and Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia Group (DJK) at Mining Indonesia 2023.

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