What’s so special about high-temp heat exchangers anyways?

The collective pursuit of a more sustainable future for all is opening new doors in the advancement of heat exchange technology. This sprint to sustainability is proliferating a wider application of the more niche bulk solids heat exchangers, also referred to as moving bed or particle heat exchangers, and created a launch pad for what’s referred to as high-temperature bulk solids heat exchangers.

Heat Exchanger World cover

In the July 2021 issue of Heat Exchanger World Magazine, Neville Jordison, CEO of Solex Energy Science, dives into the industrial, economical and societal drivers that are shedding fresh light on the unrealized applications that come with using an indirect heat exchanger to heat or cool bulk materials.

He discusses what constitutes as high temperature, and why it will be considerably different for different industries.

Lastly, Jordison pulls back the curtain on considerations when engineering high-temperature heat exchangers for varied operating conditions. Topics covered include:

  • Material selection for thermal expansion
  • Mitigation techniques to handle increased stresses
  • The role of design flow conditions
  • And more ...

Learn more about how high-temperature heat exchangers work. Download a pdf version of the full story in Heat Exchanger World Magazine.

This entry was last updated on 2022-8-26

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