The link between process evaluations and heat exchange technology

Process evaluations provide plant managers with opportunities to ensure their installed technology is still operating optimally and as it was originally intended.

"It's a tune-up for your tech."

Heat Exchanger World March 2023That's the theme of a new article by Solex Thermal Science in the March 2023 issue of Heat Exchanger World magazine that explores the many different variables that can impact the performance of your heat exchange technology if left unchecked.

Barry Milln, Director, Customer Solutions and Service, and Roman Milman, Service & Support Engineer, share real-world examples of how Solex is working with customers to navigate everything from variances in product and heat transfer fluid to changing processes and preventative maintenance.

“I’ve seen, first-hand, what can be done,” says Milln.

He adds that, lately, he's working with more customers looking for alternative and lower cost energy sources, including recovering process heat from the heating, cooling and drying stages. As an example, Milln points to using hot flue gases to heat water that can then be used in a heat exchanger to heat the product.

“Our technology is quite customizable with the ability to upgrade and retrofit with relative ease, giving operators the opportunity to realize the potential of previously untapped energy sources,” he says.

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