The Applications

Proven solutions for challenging applications

The energy and climate landscape is rapidly changing, driving innovative applications of our technology in ways that few could have predicted.

Our clients come to us with interesting challenges that can range from using bulk solids for energy storage to capturing heat from large capacity, high-temperature solids streams ... and more.

Our commitment with every application is to deliver trustworthy and commercially viable solutions for tomorrow's challenges, today.

Energy storage

Energy storage through bulk solids is expected to be a breakthrough technology in the next generation of Concentrated Solar Plants (CSP) and Compressed Air Energy Storage systems (CAES) to achieve higher efficiencies and longer storage times. Solex Energy provides high-efficiency heat exchangers between the bulk solid and the working fluid (i.e. air or sCO2) that will power the turbines.

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Carbon capture

Carbon capture technology is increasingly leveraging bulk solids to adsorb and desorb CO2 either from the atmosphere or a concentrated source. Solex heat exchange technology offers a more economical heating and cooling alternative to traditional fluid-based solutions (e.g. MEA) within the adsorbtion-desorbtion loop.

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Waste heat recovery

Traditional bulk solid coolers have been unable to capture and re-use energy when handling high-temperature products (typically greater than 400°C). Solex applies indirect heat exchange technology to capture this valuable energy as either pressurized hot water or a hot gas (air stream), resulting in energy savings and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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