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Lab testingLab testing

To engineer the ideal solution for your application, we conduct extensive analysis and evaluation of the thermal properties of the bulk material and determine the material flow characteristics.

When dealing with a known or proven application, extensive lab testing may not be required to obtain the necessary thermal properties. In these cases, we’re able to draw on our enormous database of heating information gathered from more than 500 previous projects for reliable data for your application.

1. Material property analysis

The material characteristics of your product sample are tested to determine particle size distribution, bulk density, moisture content and angle of repose.

This information helps to determine the ideal feeder design parameters.

2. Testing flowability

Flowability testing determines the optimum heat exchanger plate spacing to ensure that your material will flow.

This test work is carried out in a transparent test chamber fitted with heat exchanger plates. The material flow pattern is observed at various plate spaces to determine the critical clear space required between the plates.

3. Mass flow testing

We carry out mass flow (shear cell) testing to determine material flow characteristics and ensure that uniform velocity is obtained in the equipment.

Tests are conducted multiple times to assure precision and repeatability.

4. Thermal property analysis

Understanding the thermal characteristics of your bulk solid is critical to design an optimal heat exchanger for your application.

Using a proprietary method in a controlled lab environment, we test the thermal conductivity of your sample materials to measure how well they conduct heat. The specific heat values for many bulk solids are readily available in our extensive database, and testing is not usually required.

Solex is available to review your bulk material to determine its thermal properties and material flow characteristics. Contact us today to get started.

On-site pilot testing

In some circumstances, on-site pilot testing may be commissioned as a means to prove the concept in the field under realistic process conditions. Our latest generation of test units closely duplicate full-size equipment, and are strategically located at key points around the world for ready availability.

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This on-site testing is tailored to analyze and validate many of the following for your specific application:

  • Equipment thermal performance
  • Product flowability under true process conditions
  • Heat exchanger performance over an extended time period
  • Successful operation through typical plant cycles, including possible upsets
  • Successful operation with a typical or specific product mix

We are on-hand to facilitate, implement and assess the outcomes of this pilot testing and determine the best course of action for full-scale implementation.

See how our technology operates under your plant's operating conditions. Learn more about how we can conduct a lab or on-site pilot test for your company.

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