Embodied carbon  

From raw material extraction to manufacturing, transportation, operation and end-of-life recycling or disposal, our technology minimizes both cradle-to-gate and cradle-to-grave carbon emissions. We accomplish this through a compact, vertical design that requires minimal ancillary equipment, combined with the efficient use of high-quality steel to reduce the overall mass of raw material required for fabrication of Solex equipment.

Power consumption 

Due to its vertical orientation and gravity-flow, efficient design, our technology has a far lower electrical energy requirement than pound-for-pound fluid beds or rotary drums. 

Solex Thermal Brandmark

Since 1999, our customers have cooled, heated & dried more than 1500000000 tonnes of hundreds of different products in Solex heat exchangers.

Solex savings

We have collectively saved our customers nearly 1000000000 USD in energy costs.*

*In today’s dollars, using a conservative global $/kWh rate 

Emission reduction 

The gentle handling of free-flowing granulated solids as they are gravity-fed through our proprietary heat exchangers virtually eliminates product abrasion. This, in combination with a minimal air flow requirement relative to competing technology, results in only a small fraction of air and fine particulate that must be treated prior to being emitted. As a result, in just the last 20 years: 

Reduced carbon dioxide

We have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 6100000 tonnes!

The amount of emissions that we have reduced over the past three decades is the equivalent of the emissions from: 

Passenger vehicles on the roads/year

Smartphones charged

Homes' electricity use/year

Propane cylinders for home BBQs

With a low operating power requirement, long service life of components, and low embodied carbon per tonne, Solex is a natural choice to meet ever-increasing consumer demand for low-carbon solutions, transparency and innovations that reduce the overall environmental impact of our customers’ operations. 

Our operations 

Our commitment to environmental responsibility does not end with our technology. It can also be traced back to how we operate. Our 4,000-square-metre fabrication facility in HaaksbergenThe Netherlands is equipped with state-of-the art sustainable technology designed to reduce our carbon footprint, including: 

  • 1,250 solar panels 

  • LED lighting 

  • High-efficiency insulation 

  • Low-temperature floor heating 

Of note, our use of solar technology is estimated to save more than 315 tonnes of carbon dioxide from being emitted annually – the equivalent of more than 16,000 planted trees!

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